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We build components for Adalo Marketplaces since its initial launch.


It's been a long wait

After 6 months, we are back with 3 new components ...
Marquee scrolling text effect that moves horizontally or vertically.
Display list of events and details arranged in the order
Display data in table view with horizontal scrolling view

Release 2022

4 components

  • Embeded

    a component that displays social media content, currently supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok content.

  • Animated Image Card

    An Image Card Component that supports more than 20+ animations. It support overlay text on the card as well.

  • Mathify

    The math component that missing in Adalo

  • CSV Export

    Need a way to export your Adalo records as CSV? PWA only for now.

Started Paid Components since 2021

🔥 Launch with 7 components in 7 days to kickstart the component store & end year 2021 with 24 components Advent Calendar

  • 1

    Free Adalo Components

    I build components for Adalo Marketplace since the beginning. All these free components are available to all Adalo users to use.

    The QR Code Generator is our first component and it has over 8k installation usage on the Adalo.

  • 2

    API Adalo Components

    I build Adalo components that work with some API directly as well. This helps some of the product company taps into the Adalo ecosystem.

    PDF Generator API Components allow you to generate PDF with Adalo data

    Native Forms Components allow you to embed forms directly into your Adalo App

  • 3

    Premium Adalo Components

    My paid components are selling on Adalo Marketplace and my own component store. Currently, there are around 30 components available. Drop me an email if you have a custom component to build.

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We build components for Adalo Marketplaces since its initial launch.

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